We Sing Nonviolence

(29 April 2011)

View The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World at

                  Am             D
When we remember we exist
                   Am              D
We have the courage to resist
                   Am          C                        E
We have the power to allow our Selves to be
       Am                  D
And with the love of others 
                 Am                   D
'Round the planet we are gathered
             F                  G                D
Ordinary people taking action to be free.
                 C         G               Am                  F
     And we sing nonviolence for freedom and for justice
                C           G              Am               F
     And we sing nonviolence to put an end to war
                 C            G               Am                 F
     And we sing nonviolence for forests, air and oceans
                C          FM7            G         C
     For our future is what we are fighting for.
Remember those already gone
This war's been going on so long
The fear and hatred so determined to destroy
But in a world that's full of trouble
We can choose creative struggle
Living lives of meaning, honesty and joy.
[Repeat chorus twice]

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