The Flame Tree Song

(15 April 2011)

View The Flame Tree Project to Save Life on Earth at

           G                     D         G
Do you want to take responsibility?
           G                       C           D
Do you feel you have the power to be?
             G             C
There is no-one but us
             G                     Em
It's up to us to make the choice
               C              D
If we're to save life on Earth
                  C             D         G
We have to know what we are worth.
     Em                   C                     G                    Em
     Flame Tree is a guide to help us find ourselves again
             Em          C                  G                   Em
     Your Self is the centre, listen to that voice within
       C                                   D
     I know we're afraid and the pain is bad
                        G                   C
     But that's no reason to give in
                           C                       D                                 C        D   G
     Knowing when less is more and more is less, we feel the love returning.
Reduction is the action you can take right now
No-one can stop you, it's within your power
Self-reliance makes us healthy
Support each other we'll be wealthy
With life and love and land
Trust ourselves and we can stand.
Let our anger at injustice give us power
Let the fear within us have its final hour
Let our memories of loss
Help us decide to pay the cost
Letting go what we don't need
Self-resurrected, we'll be freed.
Are we dying or have we already died?
Are we tying tighter knots already tied?
It takes courage to face the darkness
But facing truth we will be fearless
Light shines from deep within the soul
Reintegrated, we'll be whole.
Em                C                G
Flame Tree to Save Life on Earth
Em                C      D        G
Flame Tree to Save Life on Earth.

1 Response to The Flame Tree Song

  1. Bob Cable says:

    Sister Anita, your sweet, strong voice in this love song (for the world) thrills me now like Joan Baez’ singing 54 years ago. Sing on, and inspire us all “to be”!

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