Stand Against War

(15 June 2011)# (4 March 2013 Version 2)

This song is a tribute to all those men and women who have refused to do military service at the cost of imprisonment, or worse. I was particularly inspired by accounts of British and U.S. veterans who have refused to return to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan after their initial tour of duty [see &] and Omer Goldman, daughter of an ex-deputy to the chief of Mossad (the Israeli equivalent of the CIA), who has been imprisoned twice since 2008 for refusing military service because of Israel’s killing of Palestinian civilians. In regard to the first line of the song, the recent film The War You Don’t See [see] states that 90% of casualties in the Iraq war have been civilian, compared to 10% in WWI, 50% in WWII and 70% in the Vietnam war. Use by the U.S. of illegal cluster bombs and depleted uranium weapons, and a general attitude that all civilians, including children, are ‘suspect’ as accomplices of suspected ‘insurgents’, means that it is not possible for U.S. and allied soldiers to avoid the deliberate killing and maiming of civilians while fighting ‘the war on terror’. When wars consist of 90% ‘collateral damage’ this cannot be considered accidental.

I have recently (2013) recorded a second version of this song, with a tune that suits the material better, I feel…

           Am                     Dm7
They're asking us to kill civilians
           G                                        C                  E7
They're telling us the lie that there is someone else to fear
           Am              Am7                  Dm7
They're asking us to hate those who've never done us harm
             Am             F              E                 E7
Build the wall up, the wall up and never let them near.
If you're asking me to sacrifice myself
If you're asking me to sacrifice the truth
If you're asking me to sacrifice those others just like me
You don't deserve obedience even if you imprison me.
  Am                C            G               F
I won't help you play your crazy mind games
  Am          C        G           F
I won't help you to steal and kill
  Am              C                     G              F
I won't fight for you - a coward, pretending power
      Dm7                                    Dm7   E
And if you feel abandoned, look again.
         Am         Dm7       G    
I'm disloyal to insanity, a traitor to illusion
   F                                       G  
A friend to those who aren't so scared to see
       Am                     Dm7            G
That common bonds unite us, there is no gain from violence
          Am                     E7               Dm7
And I'll stand firm for my true community
            Am                    E7              Am
Yes, I'll stand firm for my true community.
     Here's the original, just for the record...

1 Response to Stand Against War

  1. abubenadhem says:

    Right, Anita. The new tune is better for these lyrics, although both tunes are lovely. And your voice makes any tune lovely!

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