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Strategic Noncooperation Following Arrest (27 March 2017)
An article which explains in detail the many issues a nonviolent activist might consider in relation to arrest, bail, court and prison.

Powerless Anger, Powerful Anger and Nonviolent Action (7 March 2017)
An article explaining the importance and role of powerful anger in nonviolent action and the dysfunctionality of powerless anger.

Secrecy and Pragmatism in Nonviolent Action (25 February 2017)
An article that explains why actions requiring secrecy are strategically damaging to nonviolent campaigns; it also defines the term ‘pragmatic nonviolence’.

Fear, Fearlessness and Nonviolent Action (14 February 2017)
An article that explains how nonviolent action exposes irrational fears while not causing genuine fears in your opponent.

Can Centralised Government Save Us from Climate Catastrophe? (3 October 2011)
A nonviolent anarchist perspective.

How To Do Police Liaison (Published in Nonviolence Today 47, November-December 1995)
With an addition relevant to the experience of Occupy Melbourne in late 2011.

What is Nonviolence? (Leaflet, 17 November 2011)