If you would like a pdf of any of these articles, please email me.


Questioning Covid19: Why I will Never Trust the Medical Establishment about Respiratory Disease. A Case History (28 August 2020)
Gives my case history of suffering acute and chronic respiratory disease for the first 25 years of my life, until I discontinued medical establishment ‘treatment’ and switched to natural modalities which have led to a radical improvement in my health.

Fearless Psychology and Fearful Psychology: Principles and Practice (28 September 2013)
A 12,000 word article which details the psychological therapy process developed by Robert J. Burrowes and myself during 14 years of intensive research. Critical analysis is also provided of various other psychological methodologies.

The Unbelievable Truth: The Paradoxical Nature of the Universal Mind (14 October 2018)
A 10,000 word article explaining my understanding of what caused the universe to be created, and its paradoxical purpose, based on insight gained through intensive research into the nature of terror in the human mind.

Subjectivity, Objectivity and the Self (8 August 2019)
This 3,500 word philosophical article explores how and why the universe needs both subjectivity and objectivity to gain self-understanding.

Book Review of Confessions of a Terrorist: A Novel (February 2015)
This review was published in several news outlets.

The War On Emotions is Driving Us Insane (2 March 2014)
An article, published in several news outlets, explaining why emotions are highly functional and that suppressing them is extremely damaging.

Truth and Spirituality in My Activism (10 August, 2012)
The original version of this article was published in Pax Christi Australia’s Journal Disarming Times

Whose Side Are We On? And Who Is Defining These Sides? (23 October 2012)
A response to the questions: Is it necessarily true that our enemy’s enemy is our friend? And where does the true enemy lie?


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